New Complete Edition of Robert A. Heinlein

Stumbled across this through several LJ posts today:

Well, it’s official and I can talk about it now, in that unless the creeks rise and/or there’s a disaster on the order of the Great San Francisco Earthquake, Windhaven Press is officially producing the Virginia Editions of the complete works of Robert A. Heinlein for the trust that oversees RAH’s work.

As of when I checked, no information on the Windhaven Press site yet.

[Edited to add: Okay, got some clarifications.  Windhaven Press is the new production company for the edition; they are not the publisher, hence are not setting the prices or controlling the textual content of the editions.  And my confusion seems to have annoyed “editrx”, for which I apologize.]

Meisha Merlin was originally doing the edition, but they’ve gone under.

At least with the MM edition, the cheapest way to get into it was $2200 in advance, and they’ve somewhat front-loaded the production order with the bad books to boot, so I doubt I’m getting it; let alone the $3500 leather-bound gilt-edged edition.