Minn-StF meeting Saturday 1-December is at our house

For those not familiar with the Minnesota Science Fiction Society, our “meetings” are parties with about a 5-minute business meeting that rarely consists of anything beyond announcements of upcoming events.

In other words — party at my place Saturday!  (Most of our meetings are hosted by somebody, at their home.)

Nominal start time 2pm, mostly people start showing up more like 4pm, very likely to run past midnight and possibly significantly past midnight depending on the people present.

No smoking in the house. We have cats; the front of the house is “cat free” but we walk through it and cat hair drifts under the doors (though it will have been vacuumed up by Saturday).  So it might help  people with moderate cat allergies, probably will not help people with severe cat allergies all that much.  Not child-proof; parents should supervise children who need it.

Munchies and drinks will be present, more are generally useful (we’re set up for single-serving containers of drinks, not bulk).

I’ll be making some spaghetti and garlic bread around dinner time, in both vegan and non-vegan versions.

The new kittens will be cooped up, we expect, and probably not visible (but it depends how they are acting by Saturday, and perhaps how nicely you ask).

So, come by!

Minn-StF Meeting at Our House This Saturday

We’re hosting the Minn-StF meeting (which means “party”) at our house this Saturday.  Nominally 2pm until late, though in practice few people arrive before 4pm most times.

I’m making split pea soup (non-vegetarian and vegan versions), and Pamela is making bread.

We have cats, confined to the back of the house so the front area is less catty, enough to help allergic people somewhat.  They don’t get to shed on the furniture up there. No smoking in the house. Not especially child-proof (delicate / dangerous things somewhat exposed), children welcome under parental supervision.