Lightroom. Bah.

It’s really bad at using system resources effectively.  I’m sure this is why it’s so slow at exporting developed photos, and it’s probably also why it’s slow to respond to controls.  Here we see Lightroom using barely half the CPU exporting 18 photos—something that is trivially parallelizable to 18 cores (since the photos are independent).  In contrast, the old Bibble Pro, which is now available as Corel Aftershot Pro, would always put the whole processor to work.


Camera Bits Fixed the Network Disk Performance Problem

Photo Mechanic 5 was giving me horrible performance writing to network disk (which is all my disk)—it would take 15 seconds or so to update the rating on a photo, for example. So I was still using version 4 on my desktop (I had switched to 5 on my laptop, where I’m nearly always accessing the local disk).

As I have been doing now and then, I upgraded to the latest V5 today, and ran a quick test—and was very pleased to find that it now updates ratings of photos on network disks quite promptly. Rotation also works fast (that was actually the first place I noticed this problem, back when).  (I’m sure I haven’t been hitting every upgrade, this could have been fixed a while back.)

So, kudos and thanks to Camera Bits from me today!