It’s About to be Minicon

I’ll be heading over to the hotel this afternoon.

Pictures will eventually (sometimes sooner, sometimes later) appear here. The Wednesday night work party is already up.

I’m on a 4pm panel on “The Art of the Snapshot” today (Edina room, 4pm). My part of it is definitely not about expensive equipment and software. Hope it’s of use to people!

I’m also on “Keeping It Alive” 2:30PM Sunday – Veranda 3 /4. Don’t come if you’re tired of hearing me talk about Doc Smith (among others).

And I commend to people’s attention the panel on basic book repair (which I have no connection with). That’s Saturday, 2pm,  in the Edina room.

I probably should have planned to be over at the hotel yesterday; sounds like quite a lot was going on. I had planned things so I needed last night to finish my outline and prepare my examples for the snapshot panel, so I couldn’t make last-minute changes of plan.  But I think I’ll try to remember for next year.