Flavors of Christianity

On the national stage we have seen pundits saying that atheists shouldn’t be able to hold public office.  What would their reaction be if I suggested that those who believed in gods shouldn’t be able to hold public office?

People get thrown out of their apartments, lose their jobs, get assaulted on the street, and occasionally are dragged to death behind pickup trucks for being gay.  That doesn’t happen to people for being Christian.

Doctors get murdered for performing abortions.  That doesn’t happen to people for being Christian.

Never mind lesser impositions, like being unable to marry, or even having ballot initiatives to invalidate marriages already performed.

But the people spreading this torrent of hate and violence claim they are Christians, and that it is Christian principles that cause them to perform their despicable actions, and that anybody who isn’t with them is going to hell; I guess as soon as they can get around to sending us.  This is what “Christian” means today in US politics, and to a large extent in general discourse, because these are the Christians that we hear from.

And I’m finding myself less and less interested in spending effort to make fine distinctions among sects of a belief system that I’ve never believed. Anybody out there who doesn’t waht this to be the legacy of Christianity, get out there and change it yourself!

Thoughts on Christianity

I don’t “get” the religious impulse. It appears to be widespread, appearing in essentially all cultures, across recorded history and most likely back into the realm of archaeology (though we must remember the tendency to categorize anything not understood as “religious artifacts”). It’s quite possibly hard-wired into the human brain. But I still just don’t get it. I don’t understand why people want any religion, or why they pick the ones they do.

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