SkyCube crowd-funded satellite nearing launch

Well, by some definitions it was launched weeks ago. It’s on the ISS, and they’re prepar2014-02-20_10h05m01sing it for deployment with a group of other tiny satellites.

I helped (slightly) to sponsor the SkyCube satellite via their Kickstarter campaign. Being able to tweet from space briefly, and being able to direct the camera to take images occasionally, has a pretty high cool value.

Year of our moon landing 43

I was 15, living at home, and working in the Carleton computing center that summer. We had a B&W TV, but that’s all they were broadcasting from the moon anyway.

I remember making a reel-to-reel tape of the commentary of the landing, and shooting many B&W negatives of the TV screen as things progressed. I still have the negatives, but now we have access to much better pictures from the cameras the astronauts had with them.