Fiber Installation

Just before Minicon we learned that USI Internet is bringing their fiber trunk up our street.  And of course immediately signed up for 1Gb (symmetric!) service.

2015-04-22 18.34.23 2015-04-22 18.35.31

2015-04-22 18.34.55

Today, they came and put the conduit from the boulevard over to where the junction box on the outside of the house is.  Progress!  (Meanwhile I’m working on upgrading the internal network to be able to deal with this kind of external bandwidth.)


I think it’s happened.  For the first time ever (since I’ve had PC-level computers at work), I actually have a more powerful computer at work than at home.

Note dust mats over air vents

The new one is pretty much just this year’s model; very little difference visible from the outside.

But it has 3 times the memory and twice the processors.  And 15000 RPM enterprise SAS drives, in RAID0 for high performance.

Also more scren space

Dreamhost Moved Me

They said “sometime in the coming week”.  Then this morning I got notice that the move had happened.

I haven’t checked much, but the top-level blog still works, at least.  Since it’s a different system name and probably a different disk name, and a much updated Linux distribution (they say 64-bit, and the previous server was running 32-bit), there is certainly room for moments of unusual interest.

I’ll check more tonight, and should have time to work on actual problems then (even if I find a problem today, I can’t take time to fix it during work).

If you find something suddenly not working, please leave a comment here, or email me.