Upgraded to WordPress 2.5

And it seems to have gone pretty cleanly (this is a big upgrade, looks like, including database change). And the new visual editor respects my page width, and generally looks like a lot less trouble (version 3.0 of tinyMCE).

So I’m heading out of town in a couple of hours after doing the upgrade; I guess we’ll see how that works out.

Upgraded to WordPress version 2.3

With any luck, you won’t much notice, but I wanted to flag the transition.

This version has integral support for keywording of some sort, so I’ll be investigating that first. I wouldn’t be surprised if, eventually, the number of categories gets cut down drastically, and keywords become the technology of the day.

And there’s clearly something weird going on with the visual editor, probably relating to my having turned on extra features in the old version, but that’s mostly visible to me.

What’s Going On?

Installation of a “content management system”, specifically WordPress. Which means you’re likely to see various intermediate states which make no sense.

Because it plays around with remapping URLs some, it may impinge on things nominally outside its control, too. Though I seem to have been lucky with that so far.

Currently I’m converting over articles from the less heavily populated sections, like the “rants”, and photo articles, that never exactly had their own section (or at least any public promotion for it). The gun articles will be coming over too, though they had their own section for a while.

Edited to add: Okay, I’m officially declaring the installation complete. I’ve converted rants, photo articles, and gun articles. There is a fairly active problem list, and I’m wondering if maybe I want to add “tags” (keywords) in addition to the categories (and maybe narrow the range of categories, then). And I should do something about old static pages linked off the old front page better than the link to the copy of the old homepage. But I do not think any of those are problems for tonight.

There are also some rendering problems with Internet Explorer, it looks like. Not only doesn’t it support some things I’m using (falling back reasonably harmlessly to the default behavior), but it seems to put lots of margin and padding in places where nobody else does, so the left nav bar gets rather messed up. Well, who really cares about Internet Explorer anyway?