Dreamhost Moved Me

They said “sometime in the coming week”.  Then this morning I got notice that the move had happened.

I haven’t checked much, but the top-level blog still works, at least.  Since it’s a different system name and probably a different disk name, and a much updated Linux distribution (they say 64-bit, and the previous server was running 32-bit), there is certainly room for moments of unusual interest.

I’ll check more tonight, and should have time to work on actual problems then (even if I find a problem today, I can’t take time to fix it during work).

If you find something suddenly not working, please leave a comment here, or email me.

Upgraded to WordPress 3.0

It seems to have gone completely cleanly, at least at first glance.  I do of course have a database backup and a file backup from just before the upgrade.

I haven’t looked into what new features I might want to exploit in my custom theme yet; nor have I looked at maybe using any of the standard themes.  There are certainly infelicities in my own theme that I’d like to get rid of.