25th Anniversary Party

Us thenUs 12-30All our friends and friendly acquaintances are invited to a party to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Pamela’s and my wedding. Please feel free to point this invitation out to relevant people who might not notice it on their own.

What: chatting, snacks and drinks, more chatting; old photos, new photos, and probably some Tokay.

When: Saturday, 26 January 2008; 4pm until late

Where: Our house, 3721 Blaisdell Ave. S., Minneapolis (map)

No smoking. Cats and fish live here, though the cats are kept out of the living room and dining room.  No deliberate scents, but a wood fire and some unscented candles.

For further info: email or phone 612-827-6521 x3.

Here’s the text of the email we’ve been sending rather broadly:

Pamela and I are having a party to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our
wedding, and we’d love to see you at it. It’s Saturday, 26-Jan-2008,
from 4pm until late, at our home at 3721 Blaisdell Ave. S., Minneapolis
MN. The online copy of the invitation, where any updates are likely to
appear, is at <http://dd-b.net/ddbcms/2008/01/25th-anniversary-party/>.

Some of you have already seen this, perhaps multiple copies of this
email, perhaps because you read us on LJ, or something; our apologies
for the multiple copies. Some people we’ve even deliberately sent
invitations at multiple email addresses, since we’ve been such bad
correspondents that we’re not sure if any of the addresses in our files
are still valid. We’ll be continuing to send batches, as we research
possible addresses, and we apologize in advance to people who receive
multiple copies.

Some of you are out of town, and can’t consider traveling to Minneapolis
for this party even if we’d managed to get the invitations distributed a
full two weeks in advance. Our apologies most particularly to those who
would have wanted to come if given three or four weeks notice instead;
that’s something we could and should have done (and intended to).
Despite the small likelihood of people traveling on short notice, we’re
chucking a fair number of these out of town anyway, to at least say “hi”
and “we’re still married”.

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