Large Crane

It’s not that often you can catch one of these things sitting around where you can get up close; they tend to keep them working, or traveling between job sites.

This one was sitting in the office building parking lot next to Fuddrucker’s down at France and 494. I presume they’re about to start something big on that building, but I don’t have any actual information.

These things are big and long in the travel configuration.

Look at all those wheels!
Note the driver's cab is actually ahead of the front wheels, as well as lower than half of it.

That rear support platform has four axles, 16 wheels, to hold up that boom.

Sixteen wheels

I’m not sure why they need nine pulley wheels in the top of the boom, given that there’s only one in the hanging part.

9 wheels above, only one below

Looks like quite a toy, anyway!

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