Fourth Street Photos

The Fourth Street photos show some promise, I think.  And so does the software, though it wasn’t until Sunday afternoon that I got it reliably running all the way through the chain without being kicked manually (does that sound any better than “kicked by hand”?).  Last night I dropped a batch in incoming and crashed, and it went through, and this morning I added a bunch more from the music session last night, and those went through, so I’m cautiously optimistic.

Friday Saturday Sunday

And fish fest yet to come (probably not a lot of photos from that).

Photo Blogging

I’m playing with the ability to post pictures quickly and semi-automatically — not all pictures I take, just ones I select. Photos posted this way will appear in snapshot gallery entries named “Photo Blog mm/dd“.

Vertical pictures are currently being presented on their side.  Other than that, the current collection of hacks seems to be hanging together a little bit.

We’ll see.

The underlying tech: the cheapest Eye-Fi card, home, hotel (Fourth Street) or Sprint Overdrive Wi-fi, ftp upload to a special user under my Dreamhost account, a cron job to pick the photos up and post them to the snapshot album.

Other than bug fixes, planned changes include: RSS feed, latest photo thumbnail in main blog sidebar, possibly creating a blog entry when a photo blog entry is created (but not updated), web access to set photo caption and description (or delete some).

Large Crane

It’s not that often you can catch one of these things sitting around where you can get up close; they tend to keep them working, or traveling between job sites.

This one was sitting in the office building parking lot next to Fuddrucker’s down at France and 494. I presume they’re about to start something big on that building, but I don’t have any actual information.

These things are big and long in the travel configuration.

Look at all those wheels!
Note the driver's cab is actually ahead of the front wheels, as well as lower than half of it.

That rear support platform has four axles, 16 wheels, to hold up that boom.

Sixteen wheels

I’m not sure why they need nine pulley wheels in the top of the boom, given that there’s only one in the hanging part.

9 wheels above, only one below

Looks like quite a toy, anyway!