Cats Laughing reunion progress

I posted a few days ago about launching the Kickstarter to fund the Cats Laughing reunion.  Things have been moving very fast since then—we’ve already funded the concert, and gone on from there to make our first stretch goal (recording quality upgrade, adding a light show, and adding live-streaming).

Now I’m hoping we can keep going, and fund making the concert video (at least partly because that’s the bit that’s the most fun for me to actually do).

Before launch we were up to all hours completing the video, and preparing the Kickstarter contents.  Today we spent a lot of time working to upgrade the graphic you see at the top of the Kickstarter page. Now that we’re past the basic goal, we wanted something that gave a clearer indication of progress, and emphasized that we weren’t done, we were still moving towards the next goal.  So I designed a progress bar in the neck of a guitar, and Corwin and Dee and I put together a new graphic using many of the same elements, plus the new progress bar, plus we added a still photo.  The first version of that went up on the website just a few minutes ago (and will probably get refined some over the next day or two, as well as being updated to reflect progress towards the goal).

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