New Kittens

One thing out of our control broke our direction, and one broke not Josh’s way, and we have new kittens at Blaisdell Poly.  The old kittens, still frequently called “the kittens”, will henceforth be known as “the old kittens” or “the big cats”.

The new kittens will be known as Nuit and Ninja.

They’ll probably be out of the public space during the Minn-StF meeting this coming Saturday, but possibly some especially favored people could convince Lydia to let them into the room we’ll claim the kittens are in.  (Unless they’ve gotten a LOT more socialized in the next few days, you won’t actually see them in that room, though.)

Nuit and Ninja debate leaving the carrier

Edited: link was wrong, went to single photo rather than gallery.