We Had Some Snow

Quite a lot, actually. Lots of businesses closed early yesterday, and the city shut down the bus system.

I had to go out to get my computer fixed (it had been dead since Tuesday; turned out to need a new motherboard), and tried to do other errands but failed.

And then had to find someplace to put my car. By that point I couldn’t safely drive on the side streets, never mind the alley, so my original plan to put the car behind my garage did not work out.

I ended up parking overnight in the Uptown ramp (which they say they don’t allow, but the machine happily charged me $9 this morning).

Then I had to walk home, because there was no other way to get there. Walking in deep snow is remarkably tiring, if you haven’t tried it. It goes down a few inches, and then shifts some direction, not predictably.

I think I would have been happier if the city had let us know they were going to give up and shut down for a while a bit earlier.

I ran around and got some aftermath pictures this morning (the storm itself didn’t look very photogenic to me; there was fog with it).