Image Sorting Software

This category of software isn’t really well-defined, so you may very well not know what I mean by it. So I’m going to start by describing the “use case”.

Many photographers will come back from a shooting session with large numbers of very similar photographs. A sports photographer may be using full-speed continuous shooting (maybe 8 or even 10 frames a second) as he tracks the ball down the field. A wildlife photographer may shoot hundreds of images of a small bird as it hops around a few branches on a tree 50 feet away. I sometimes shoot 15 pictures of a particular view of a musician performing, in low light, at an inadequate shutter speed, hoping for one where the face is sharp enough to use. Continue reading Image Sorting Software

Thoughts on Photo Galleries

This is mostly relevant to my snapshot album, since that’s much more active and much larger.

Time to consider the next major upgrade to photo gallery capabilities. Some of the things I want are on my end, and some are on your end. And I’m at least slightly interested in your thoughts on the “your end” capabilities. Continue reading Thoughts on Photo Galleries

Perspective Corrections in Casual Pictures

Since Picture Window Pro and Photoshop have made it relatively easy for me, I’ve been sometimes making perspective corrections even in relatively casual snapshots. Mostly I just fixed keystone, but the example I have here from today uses all the controls, including lens distortion. I corrected this photo using the “lens correction” filter in Photoshop CS2 (it’s under “distortion” on the filter menu). Continue reading Perspective Corrections in Casual Pictures