NS2 Taken Out of Service

For a few of you with geeky interests and long memories, this may mean something. NS2 was my second server, primarily a secondary nameserver, but also having various other functions loaded onto it now and then.

This was essentially the last of my servers providing public services; I relocated all that to Dreamhost after the second meltdown. Continue reading NS2 Taken Out of Service

Upgraded to WordPress version 2.3

With any luck, you won’t much notice, but I wanted to flag the transition.

This version has integral support for keywording of some sort, so I’ll be investigating that first. I wouldn’t be surprised if, eventually, the number of categories gets cut down drastically, and keywords become the technology of the day.

And there’s clearly something weird going on with the visual editor, probably relating to my having turned on extra features in the old version, but that’s mostly visible to me.

Old Email Addresses

I’ve been trying to capture my history on the net for some time now. The recent LiveJournal meme on earliest Usenet post got me to pull together some information on email addresses I’ve used over the years, so here they are:

  • {decvax,ihnp4,ucbvax}!decwrl!rhea!mrvax!ddb
  • ddb@mrvax.dec
  • ddb@terrabit.mn.org
  • david.dyer-bennet@p0.f341.n282.z1.fidonet.org
  • ddb@scow.network.com (ddb@network.com was the real address, but posts seemed to be tagged with the workstation I was at)
  • ddb@mtn.org (I find only August and September 1994 posts in Google Groups currently)
  • ddb@ddb.com
  • dd-b@dd-b.net
  • dd-b@sun.com

Thoughts on Photo Galleries

This is mostly relevant to my snapshot album, since that’s much more active and much larger.

Time to consider the next major upgrade to photo gallery capabilities. Some of the things I want are on my end, and some are on your end. And I’m at least slightly interested in your thoughts on the “your end” capabilities. Continue reading Thoughts on Photo Galleries